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The ALUternative

A PVC alternative to aluminium windows awarded by RedDot Award and German Design Award.

Excellent insulation properties

The 6-chamber PVC profile Elegant reaches up to Uf 0.88 W/m²K.

Windows up to 2.5 m

Use the entire floor and open it to light!

50 colour variants

Stylish colours and a grey core to emphasize a metallic look.

Fully recyclable

The profile has a core made of recycled PVC and can be completely recycled.

Elegant design for modern buildings

The slim PVC profiles with the smallest rebate on the market will impress you by minimalistic sightlines and a modern look. You can match it with any aluminium modern façade.
  • Minimalist design
  • An extraordinary look of aluminium while maintaining PVC properties
  • Smallest rebate ever
  • Various sash designs and 3 different frame depths suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation projects

Saving money, energy, and nature

The 6-chamber window profile Elegant is remarkable not only for its design but also for its insulation properties.
Moreover, the Elegant profile saves heating expenses and reduces the environmental impact. And it’s fully recyclable. Its core is made of recycled PVC.
  • Excellent insulation properties: Uf = 0.93 W/m2K with steel reinforcement and Uf = 0.88 W/m2K with ThermoFibra and Forthex (Hotbox test)
  • System of only 76 mm, but glazing options up to 70 mm allow very high thermo-efficient glass to be used
  • An ecological core: EcoPowerCore made of recycled PVC

50 colour and finishing structure variants

Choose a perfect shade for your building. We offer you more than 40 shades, including a wide range of modern shades of grey. An ambient grey core emphasizes an aluminium look of the profile.
  • An ambient grey core to emphasize a metallic look
  • Available as well with aluminium cappings
  • 50 colour and finishing structure films
  • A wide range of modern grey foils

New technology ThermoFibra

ThermoFibra strengthens the window sash by using embedded continuous glass fibre strands that provide the window with tremendous stability and the highest thermal insulation values.
  • No steel reinforcement needed
  • Improved insulation values
  • Increase of maximal window sizes
  • Big window sizes weigh significantly less than windows with steel
  • Increased burglary protection
  • The material can be completely recycled
  • Reduced sightline from 112 to 109 mm

The fitting front door system

The Elegant front door system, featuring an especially sleek and modern design, is now available with and without integrated ThermoFibra fibreglass technology.
  • Stable frame construction and extreme warping resistance thanks to a reinforcing steel 2.0 mm thick
  • Steel-reinforced profile corners available: Corner reinforcements comprising die-cast zinc parts for increased stability and sturdiness
  • Frame insulation values up to Ud= 0.61W/m2K for the door with steel reinforcement.
  • Front door with ThermoFibra: Saves production time and reduces weight up to 40%
  • Front door panels of up to 59 mm or up to 67 mm for the variant with ThermoFibra

Discover our elegant Designs

Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity
Timeless modern design with a unique technology
Elegant Infinity
Timeless modern design
Elegant Abstract
Modern minimalist design
Elegant Origin
Curved contemporary design
Elegant Grando
Traditional design ideally for renovation
Elegant Authentica
Exclusive and characterised classic design
Our investment in a green future

Our investment in circular economy, quality, improved mechanical features and technology helps you do your part to protect the environment. At the core of our Elegant window frames is high-performance PVC, containing recycled PVC granules. Our sustainable window system features the highest performing material available.

Deceuninck Recycling  plant

Did you know that our recycling plant in Diksmuide/Belgium processes up to 45,000 tonnes of hard plastics every year? That is the equivalent of 2.3 million old windows kept out of landfills and incinerators every year. Instead, we simply transform them into new profiles.

Phoenix – 100 % recycled profile series

Certain profiles of the system Elegant are available as Phoenix profiles. Learn more about them HERE.

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